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Security Labels

Secure-GA is a Web enabled Label authentication system used for inventory management of security labels, to detect any anomalies, fakes and is designed to provide a method to track and trace activities in the supply chain management. It addresses the security/ authentication , including brand protection, diversion tracing need of manufacturers as well as product identification and authentication for consumers.

The key goals are to create system based deterrents that is apolitical and consumer centric in its entirety. The genesis of the security is the need for AUTHENTICATION of labels with adequate referral points enabling consumers real products & to establish the direct contact with SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT protecting the Brand, Authenticity & Trust from Manufactures, Whole Salers, Retailers & Consumers. This site works as an interface to identify the product Tags for its authenticity and origin at various Point of Sale (PoS).

Industry verticals

  •  Textile (Silk, Handlooms, Cotton etc)
  •  Educational certificates
  •  FMCG
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  ID Proofs
  •  High Value Documents
  •  Property Documents
  •  Food And Beverages etc

The web-enabled label authentication, trace & track system allows to place orders for security labels, process orders, blacklist individual labels (in case of fake products), track individual Labels/ Packets, know stock status, generate reports etc.

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